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A two week polish, that is set to your natural length. Using the Gelish and Gel Bottle colours, you can add art and feel amazing.

  • Shellac Hands/Toes €30
  • Shellac with Structure Gel €35
  • File and Paint hands/ Toes €21
  • Mini Manicure/Pedicure €26
  • Full Manicure €45
  • Full Pedicure €64
  • Add Shellac to mani/pedi €16
  • Childs File and Paint €15
  • Shellac removal €6
  • Nail Art From €3


Also known as Builder in a Bottle, a half way between acrylic and shellac. It is more bendable, yet strong, so is healthier for your nails. This lasts between 2-4 weeks, and is also on your own length

*If you are under the age of 16, your parents consent is required to get your nails done with either acrylic or gel. This is due to the fact that your nails are under developed. 


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