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GENOSYS Microneedling

Genosys Microneedling With Celluma Light Therapy

Book in for consultation first, downtime needed

Skin needling is the go to treatment to rejuvenate the skin. It works by using tiny needles to cause minor trauma to the skin, encouraging the body to produce more collagen as a response to the trauma. It delivers real results in overall skin rejuvenation.

With the right blend of ingredients used for your skin concerns,
Microneedling will :

  • Minimise fine line
    Reduce pore size.
  • Increase your skin’s natural collagen formation.
  • Scar reduction and acne scarring.
  • Smooth congestion.
  • Help with sluggish skin that is slow to heal post breakout

Book your consultation with one of our experienced therapists to see if Micro-needling is a treatment for you.

All treatment information given with pre & post advice.

Pay €50 deposit at consultation to secure your Micro-needling treatment booking which will be deducted from treatment price

One treatment – €185

Course of 3 – €510

Course of 6 (get one treatment free) – €925